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 H.O.T.D Zom_Master

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PostSubject: H.O.T.D Zom_Master   Mon Aug 20, 2012 9:37 pm

ruling-10/10 actually corrected me on a few things.
deck build 9/10 really good watt build an techs watttaildragon
judgement 7/10 did pretty well and used most cards to advantage.
good use of cards 10/10 did every thing he could
control of duel 1/10 had barely any control of the duel
sidedeck 10/10 i didnt tell him there was siding a mistake on my part
duel winning 0/10 2-0 me
final placement Ra yellow great job dude. you will surely move up to obelisk blue with a little more work.
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H.O.T.D Zom_Master
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